A few three months PO Photos

I honestly think had I done this in winter or fall I’d be MUCH more slim but what a great summer I’ve had…not to get ‘er back on track! Fall here we come!


IMG_4629 IMG_4630


Long Overdue update – 3 months PO

So since not much has changed status wise I was waiting to post an update. Although not much is new I thought I’d post one anyway as it’s been so long! My only REAL update is that I have put on a bit of weight since surgery. Surgery day I was around 164 (four pounds heavier than my happy weight of 160 – remember I am almost 6 feet tall!) and my last weigh in was 170lbs. EEEKKKKSSS, I must admit it’s due to a great summer of BBQ, friends, booze…and although I have been working out hard the weight is still packing on. I have been working to get it under control but my weight doesn’t seem to be going down. My goal is to get it back to the happy 160 or even happier 150s….Back to school for the kids and less vacation should get me back into a more regular routine. I have also signed up for a 5 day raw food cleanse from September 8-12 and a bootcamp on Monday nights to shake things up from my regular Zumba, weights and running routine. Hope that shakes things up enough to drop some weight. I don’t feel like I have gained that much – clothing all feels quite the same but I hate seeing that number on the scale. I’m trying not to focus on the number on the scale too too much and I’m also trying to live life and enjoy it (with some modifications – can’t eat treats and drink everyday!)…I don’t want to be deprived and think back one day…”why didn’t I just have that glass of wine”….I’ll keep you posted and any suggestions are welcome! 

Right…as for what I can and can’t do…I have no limitations. I feel completely like I did prior to surgery just with less saggy skin. I guess I do get a bit swollen sometimes but it doesn’t really bother me and I can’t tell all that much. Back to all my normal weight training, running, zumba’ing, etc. Still a little number from the belly button down but I’m sure that will fade. My scar is still quite pronounced in colour but to the touch it’s pretty flat against my skin. All in all feeling pretty happy and managing my expectations. I think I thought I’d have the stomach of a slim 16 year old or something!!! The results are what they are! Nothing I can do to change them except keep moving forward, continue to exercise and eat healthy to get my body in the best shape of my life!

Eight Weeks Down

So funny how top of mind and all consuming pre-surgery is and even just post surgery it’s all you can think about. BUT once you hit about a month and things are somewhat back to normal I can go almost all day without a though of my surgery.

I also thought that I’d be gung-ho to get back to the gym at my six week mark but I have been soooo busy that I have not gotten back to my normal routine. This week is the week though baby. Zumba Monday night and I am already going again tonight and planning a gym visit to pump some iron tomorrow.

I am feeling SO jiggly (legs, back, etc). Disgusting, I need to get back into my 5 day a week fitness routine!!

There really isn’t a think I can’t do now. I can flop into bed like I used to (literally I could dive into it most days I am so tired but that is besides the point!). I can toss, turn, leap up, run down the stairs, run up the stairs – run in general really and all seems pretty normal. I don’t swell too too much after exercise just the “normal” end of day swelling but it doesn’t really bother me. I show my hubs and he says he doesn’t know what I am talking about and that I look skinny. I still feel “skinny pregnant”…like still a hard little preggo belly at night but I guess he can’t tell so that is a good thing.

My scar is still kind of dividing me. I think mostly it’s b/c there is still fat on the top part of the scar and not much below so there is like a little ridge of belly fat there. I tried to capture a photo of it but couldn’t really so can’t be that bad right? I asked the doctor when that would all flatten out and he explained that it’s fat there so it might always be a little ridge but it’s something I can work off at least and should not affect stretching if I do work it off. I didn’t have lipo but he did tell me he scrapped as much fat as he could without killing the skin. He said if you scrape too much off you risk the skin dying!!!

I am terrible with any sort of scar cream. I lost the tube my PS gave me only days after he handed it to me.

I am wearing scar strips at night when I go to bed and the packaging says wear them six to 24 hours so I guess that should be good? The strips are good but I noticed with all my movement during the day they were rolling up so now I only wear at night and they seem fine.

I “think” I am loving the results. I told my husband now though I need a “back tuck” so the back doesn’t overflow when I sit down – he just rolled his eyes. I was kidding but..I guess at least that I can work that off at the gym.

I do like how my BB looks and my tummy is flatter when I sit down. I think one year from now I’ll really be able to say if it was worth it or not. PLUS my husband keeps reminding me that if I did not do it all I would talk about and all I would say is “I wonder what…what if…what would I look like if…” at least now having done it I KNOW what the what if’s are….

Eight Week Photos


Here it is folks eight week PO – better than before I think! Must get back to gym to firm up other jiggly parts!


Side view, not a bulgy and swollen as I feel. I tried to capture the ridge I am describing but can’t seem to so I guess that is a good thing

IMG_4447 IMG_4446


Ewwww, scar close up…but I know you want to see it! If it weren’t for those darn stretch marks….not a single thing to be done about them though!


Side view, skin I am talking about that feels squashy…
Front view scar mostly hidden. A little swollen
Front view in undies. squashy bits and pouffy ness a bit less than when in jeans
For all who want to see the scar up close and personal six weeks out…a wee bit scary but know it will fade

A few bathing suit options…still not all that comfy in a 2 piece (at least while sitting but dramatically better than before!)

IMG_4150 IMG_4146 IMG_4145

I made it – 6 weeks PO

Well, well, lookie who finally made it to six weeks. It is so hard to think of six weeks passing when you are pre-surgery and even in the first few weeks following surgery when you just want things to be back to normal. But then WHOPSH, there is goes, six weeks complete!

So…here I am six weeks out and feeling pretty darn good.

Thoughts and feeling at six weeks:

Cleared by doc today to do anything. I said REALLY? So I say to the doc for instance doc, I have to move some furniture this coming weekend, like sofas, tables, etc…that ok? YEP all clear. Core ok – yep, Abs ok- yep, Running, Zumba…yes, yes..ok, got it – everything means everything. So tonight I went back to my regular Tuesday night Zumba. I took it easy and burned 500 cals (my typical is about 700) but it really felt great. No side effects yet. OH and I completely forgot to wear my compression tank top!!! I had all intentions to wear it for more support and then forgot! I think mostly b/c I took it off Friday night and have not worn it in 4 days. I think I may have officially weaned myself from it!

Funny as well I got on the scale this morning and was the exact same weight as the morning of my surgery. I mean to the .8 of a pound even! I’m ok with that as the indulgences in summer BBQ and booze has been a bit ridiculous and having not gained is ok by me! Not to get back to the gym and get that number on the scale to go down.

I stopped wearing my gawd awful binder at 3 weeks on the dot (ok, one day before 3 weeks). For a little over two weeks after that I wore a compression camisole. I took it off on Friday night and shocking forgot to put it back on! Not that I wasn’t a bit swollen here and there but I guess the swelling just didn’t bother me that much! I think my days with it might be over. It was a nice 2 week love affair and they were very comfy but – it’s not you it’s me compression cami.

I have been extremely delinquent at using the scar jell they provided. I just don’t think about it and although I don’t love the look of the scar I don’t think of it often. He did give me some jell strips to try so I’ll give that a go.

I really have no pain at all. A little tightness but even that has eased up. I am still numb but I am starting to get sensation back. I know this could take months but honestly it doesn’t bother me all that much

I do swell a bit but since it doesn’t hurt or look all that bad or noticeable (when I am in clothing anyway!) I don’t really get too concerned about. Check back with me in six months and I might be a bit cranky if I’m still swelling though!

My favourite bits now about my tummy …I am very happy to actually have a belly button and not a sad droopy piece of skin that creases over where by BB should have been. That has got to be my most favourite part. I also like that I don’t have a huge skin roll above my belly button that use to hang over my jeans and other clothing, forcing me to wear things a wee bit too big for me.

People keep asking and asking if it was worth it (probably my number 1 question). I find this particular question very hard to answer. Do I have a washboard stomach and abs? No..does my stomach hang down to the floor anymore when I do a push up? No…I think my biggest concern and one I did not think about too much prior to surgery was the skin that had stretch marks. I knew not all that skin could be lopped off. I knew I’d be left with some skin with stretch marks as that was really the only skin he had to work with! So what I didn’t take into account was the fact that the skin left over would not be like normal skin, it would be skin that does not have a normal skin tone and thus would STILL not be as tight as stretch-mark free skin. So around my belly button I do still find that it feels a bit squishy, a tiny bit jiggly and not as super tight as I’d like it. BUT was I being delusional? Not really, I just think I didn’t really think about it much. So with that said I’ll leave you with some photos so YOU can help be the judge.

Week 4 Post Op Photos

Here goes nothing (posting photos is the WORST!). I hate doing it and feel so naked (ehem, although I am NOT naked like some others who do blogs on this subject) but I know those who are reading in an attempt to make a decision to do the surgery want to see photos (desperately perhaps as I was, scouring the internet prior to my surgery looking, trolling and literally stalking photos to see what results might be). Incase it’s of interest. I am 5″10.5 and weigh in and about 160 (well, here is to hoping that I am still in that range as I have not stepped in the scale in a bit!!). Hopefully this past week of snacks and treats have not ruined me!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.27.26 PM

So this is the mini preggo swollen belly I was talking about. No flab there just a hard little belly due to end of day swelling.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.24.53 PM
29 days post op. I like my belly button the most. I mean, who are we kidding? I dint’ really have one before so anything would be an improvement. i am still however trying to justify the cost of such belly button…was it worth it if that is my favourite part?